Interview with house building expert

Founder of Tokyo Gumi Co., Ltd., currently serving as an advisor We talked to Mr.Nakanowatari.
Mr.Nakanowatari is familiar with also Italian houses and has been building houses mainly in Tokyo.
He is house building expert.

On the premise of proper maintenance, how many years can people generally live in newly built houses in Japan?

It's 30.

How many years will it take to rebuild?

From 70 to 100.

When you think about the maintenance cost, how many years do you think it is economical to rebuild a house?

From 100 to 150.

Houses are destroyed faster in Japan than in Europe and America. One of the reasons is that the climate is different, the humidity is high, and there are many earthquakes, which I saw on the Internet. Is this true?

It doesn't have much to do with humidity or the life of a country building that has many earthquakes.If it's an old private house, it can last for 1000 years because the house is built according to the way it was built and repaired.

What do you think about the transition from a flow society (Build & Scrap) to a stock society?

I think we need to make it stock type as soon as possible.

Is there anything you are doing to convert to a stock society?

I'm doing research on what housing should be.

What challenges do you have and how do you think you can make the transition faster and better?

I want the cooperation of city, ward and level.

How can we change to the stock type?

I hope customers will change their minds. I sold one of the condominiums that I built to move. It sold 8 million yen more. Scrap and build is a waste because it has value as an asset. I don't know where the customers found the value, but perhaps it was because the quality of the building was high and the streets were clean with the houses for sale. This is an advantage of selling the house, and it makes a sense of unity and beautiful streets.