Interview with old house regeneration specialist

At the Kyoto office of Kumada Building Research Institute, a first-class architect's office, on November 15, 2019 I heard from Mr.Kumada, a first-class architect.

Takashi Kumada is a first-class architect and Kyoto City Cultural Property Manager.

a board member of the Old Wood Culture Association, an NPO that works to preserve the culture of wooden buildings, He served as a director of the Kyoto Prefecture Architects & Building Engineers Association.
He is a leading figure in the restoration of old private houses, which are being rebuilt, renovated, and rebuilt.
Photographed by a member with permission from Mr.Kumada.
"The maintenance cost is high, and many people who live in old houses are elderly, so the subsidy is often insufficient." Mr.Kumada says.

"Also, the owner of an old private house sometimes damages the old private house and has no choice but to dismantle it without knowing where to consult for the repair of the old private house, so it would be good if the government has a window."

It is also called "If you can introduce a vendor that can take appropriate measures through such a window, the owner will be able to rely on a reliable vendor."

In order for people to live in traditional Japanese houses more, He said, "It would be nice if children had an opportunity to experience traditional Japanese houses. In that case, they may remember the existence and goodness of the house when they grow up and become owners of old houses.".