stock-type community planning
Building houses in Europe, a pioneer in the stock-oriented society, emphasizes the maintenance of beautiful streets with a sense of unity. By doing so, the value of houses in the whole area will increase.

For example, in the beautiful historic streets, old and tasteful houses become more attractive and valuable.
In order to increase the value of old houses, it will be important to build beautiful streets in Japan.
So, what should Japan do?

Stock-type town development (1) New construction in the style of an old house

As an example of a stock-type town construction, there is a new house in the style of an old house.
Instead of building a general house where old folk houses are lined up, it is built by replacing them with old folk houses so that the townscape becomes the same.

For example, this rental bicycle shop.

(Photographed by team members with permission from the owner.)
It is located in the historic townscape of Kyomachiya where the house opposite is over 100 years old.
Therefore, when they built a new house, they decided to make it in the style of Kyomachi family to match the townscape.
However, the owner wanted the walls to be Spanish because it was not fun just to imitate a machiya.
There is originality in the traditional atmosphere.

In addition to the use of building materials that bring out the flavor, the value of old houses and the value of old houses can be enhanced by using materials that are unique to the area and by building buildings that match the surrounding landscape.

Building a stock-type community (2) Offering a sense of unity

But in Japan, most of them don't have traditional townscape like Kyomachiya.
How should I form a townscape in such a place?
One of the answers is sales. If it is built in a lump sum, it is possible to make an orderly townscape.

For example, Mr. Nakanowatari's company built a condominium.
(Used with permission from a housing construction company)
It is said that the motif is Japanese.
Japanese style silver mouse colored tiles are used.

In the stock-type society, it is necessary to build houses that will be even more attractive 100 years from now, since the houses for sale can be built from scratch.