Old house experience
As stock houses become more popular, people will be able to appreciate old houses just by walking around town , but they are not at that stage yet.
That's where you can experience a traditional Japanese house.

The experience of an old private house is to stay in an old private house like a guest house and experience the life there such as farming and DIY, and there is also a day trip.
As a new leisure option, I suggest expanding the experience of traditional Japanese houses as an opportunity to learn the goodness of old houses.

Experience traditional Japanese houses from childhood

Also, I think it is good to introduce it as a part of learning in elementary school.
The experience of an old private house is not limited to residential houses. It coexists with nature and omits the "waste".
It leads to learning the wisdom and culture of the Japanese people from long ago.

This is the content of the third and fourth grades of elementary school in the Courses of Study.
Society: "A. Tools related to old life, how they were used"
Morality: "(5) They cherish the culture and tradition of their hometown, and have the heart to love their hometown."
are matched.

Furthermore, by being exposed to traditional Japanese houses and their culture from childhood, the spirit of renovating the house and using it for a long time has been fostered.
I think it will affect the future house selection.