Activities to inform the current state of the flow-type society
Can the Japanese recognize the present flow type society?
Do the Japanese know the way of thinking called the stock type society?
Will you know that it is not common all over the world that "new construction has value most"?
At first it is necessary to have you know the current situation.

・Everyone wants a brand-new house being stronger for a Japanese than Europe and America.
・Including the difference of the number of the ratio, the new start of construction of the business appearing for the data concretely.
We emphasize the fact, and is there a reason to really make new construction?

And the improvement of the image of existing home itself is important,and this becomes the key dissolving everyone wants a brand-new house. If it does not feel an existing home to be attractive when he stops once, and he reconsidered new construction, he does not live in the existing home, and this is because it is not connected for the increase of the person living in the existing home. In the charm of the existing home, I may generally convert it into preference in being a reasonable price, the amount renovation.

But the existing home has an uneasy element. For example, to the third of the reason that I didn’t make an existing home, there is the thing "which secret malfunction was anxious".

As measures to reduce the uneasiness, When a main part does not meet basic proof stress performance in "structure proof stress after the reform and the buying and selling of the existing home during several years (vary according to contracts);"※1 When "leak occur;"※2 "I lend it it insurance of the existing house buying and selling and reform" that the insurance is paid to to 2.

"Inspection" that it ascertain approximate expenses again from the standpoint of the expert at the deterioration situation of the house, having defect or not, a point and the time when you should repair it,※3 and a home inspector (house diagnosis person) who was familiar with" house advises from a third party-like viewpoint.

However, We lend it the recognition, and there are 16.3% of insurance, 7.7% of inspections and fact ※4 that can finish yet wiping out the uneasiness of the buyer low neither, and this needs the common knowledge activity, too.

And it’s to have you know the value in the old house that is important one more to switch it to the stock type society
I thought that it was a shortcut that had you actually actually sense this bodily from the experience that visited the traditional house.

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※3 日本ホームインスペクターズ協会「住宅診断(ホームインスペクション)とは」より引用。
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