Financial support by government

Financial support is one of the most obvious solutions, but given the limited resources available, the right amount of support must be provided to the right target.
In this section, we will introduce some of the subsidies and tax relief provided by the national government to individuals, local governments, private companies, etc. who want to do something about or utilize vacant houses.

Special provisions in the case of sale of the decedent's vacant house

The special provision for the sale of the decedent's vacant house reduces the tax burden on the sale of the inherited vacant house.
1.It was built before May 31, 1981.
2.The building is not a building for which a condominium unit ownership registration has been made.
3.No person other than the decedent resided at the time immediately before the commencement of inheritance.
Buildings that meet these three requirements are subject to the special exception.

And if you sell this building or site to meet some other requirements, up to 30 million is deducted from your capital gains.

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subsidies to local governments

・Program to promote the renovation of vacant houses

These subsidies are provided by the national government to local governments, private businesses, etc., and cover "areas designated in regional housing plans, etc.
as areas where planned use and removal should be promoted because the accumulation of vacant houses, etc.

interferes with the living environment or regional revitalization" with subsidies of 1/2 from the national government for the use of vacant houses or bad houses by local governments and 2/5 for the removal.
If it is a private company, the subsidy is 1/3 for utilization and 2/5 for disposal.

・Project to Promote Settlement of Unoccupied Houses

It is targeted at municipalities in underpopulated areas.
When empty houses are utilized effectively and requirements such as "The number of vacant houses is three or more.
a maximum of 40 million subsidies of 1/2 of the renovation cost will be provided.

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