Compact cities
Compact cities are a solution to the inefficiency of infrastructure caused by the sponging of cities,the decrease in the number of stores,and the further decline of cities.

The idea is to have people move from the outskirts of cities to fill the holes created by the sponging of cities, and by gathering people from outside to the center of cities so that the density of cities remain the same and try to reduce the size of cities.

Instead of depopulation outside cities,there is no sponging and inefficiency in the center. so population is decreasing due to low birthrate and aging population,it is attracting attention as a form of sustainable city.

In addition, there are advantages such as revitalizing the community and shortening the travel time by the integration of urban functions. On the other hand, there are problems such as extreme depopulation outside the city, and large losses in the event of failure due to the large amount of public expenditure.

In Japan, Toyama City, Aomori City, and Yubari City are also working on this, and the national government is actively supporting it, including through subsidies.

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