Property tax and housing

Property tax increases vacant houses

The property tax is reduced to 1/6 on the land where a house is built.※1
That's why people who don't use an vacant house keep leaving unused vacant houses without demolishing them.

It also affects the sale of vacant houses. selling a vacant house as land, when it sells
So, it is best to leave it as a vacant house and demolish it after it sells.
In other words, this system keeps vacant houses away from demolition and leaves them vacant.

Increase real estate as demerit goods and ruins

And these work particularly negatively when vacant houses are "real estate as demerit goods".
real estate as demerit goods and ruined buildings, which are more likely to collapse if left unattended, are dismantled because they cannot be sold.
It continues to be built.
real estate as demerit goods that cannot be used or sold should be disassembled before it adversely affects the surroundings.
It is because the security and the scenery of the vacant lot are less deteriorated than the vacant house, and of course there is no risk of collapse.

However, due to the reduction or exemption of the fixed property tax, it is less burdensome not to demolish the house, so the owners of the personal property and the abandoned house.
I don't want to demolish it. As a result, ruins and other buildings remain for a long time, even though they cause inconvenience to the local residents.

There is a composition that even a vacant house is hard to be demolished. Enactment of the special law about the promotion of unoccupied houses.

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※1 参考:総務省「固定資産税制度について」