The impacts the vacant houses have on neighbors

Bad impacts on the neighborhood.

Let's see the influences these houses give.
To begin with, we have to think about why we have to stop the increase of the vacant houses.

First, please imagine what we call ruins. These ruins are how those vacant houses have turned out to be when they are not maintained well.

They disturb the public security by having risk of collapse, by being the nest of some harmful animals, or sometimes criminals, by damaging the view around them, and so on.
Therefore such buildings cause the declining of land prices of the region and the declining of the regional economy.

At the time of disasters

Even the vacant houses maintained regularly may cause some problems.
When a fire breaks out in a vacant house, it is very difficult to find it early. So it may cause a big damage.

After disasters, it may take longer to clear collapsed concrete fences and so on because none lives there.

One of our members gave us an actual example.
His next door was a vacant house with a tree in its yard.
But that tree fell down on the apartment house because of the typhoon in 2017 and it took the owner a few days to deal with that problem.

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