Demerit goods

When we talk about the problem of vacant houses, we call those houses “Demerit goods” .

A demerit good has a bad impact on its owner financially. It doesn’t bring us any profit; we can’t sell nor rent them. And they cost us a lot. People say, for example,
“We have to pay real estate tax for a house of no use.”
“No one wants to buy my old worthless house and I have to pay for demolition work.”

Due to rapid decline of population and super aging society, we have more and more vacant houses all over Japan. More owners are troubled by their vacant houses.
Here, our real estate is no longer a valuable good, and we must think about how to dispose of it.
The longer you keep it, the more deteriorated it becomes, and the value of the house declines.

Moreover, if the long-abandoned house collapses one day, it may damage the neighboring houses or seriously injure a passer-by.
You might have to pay tens of millions of yen for the damage. So those houses should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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