Vacant houses problem now
*印の数値は沖縄県を含まない。出典:総務省統計局「平成30年住宅・土地統計調査 結果の概要」より引用
The number of vacant houses in Japan is 8,490,000, which is the record highest ever. 13.6 percent of all the houses are vacant, which is also the record highest. The increase is getting slower thanks to various counter measures. It is certain, however, that we will have more vacant houses in the future due to aging society. 空き家となっている住宅を取得した経緯は、「相続した」が52.3%で最も多い
出典:国土交通省「平成26年 空家実態調査 集計結果」P.59より引用
It is because in many cases we inherit more vacant houses from our parents than we actually need and fewer and fewer children who will inherit them.